Warwickshire Youth Parliament

Making The Voice of Warwickshire's Young People Heard

About Warwickshire Youth Parliament

Warwickshire Voice for Young People comprises of a series of forums for young people who want to be actively committed to addressing the issues young people face today.

Many young people aged 11-18yrs old can get involved in debating the issues and there is a whole range of ways in which you can take part. Warwickshire Voice for Youth has designed a network of forums and workshops to enable young people from different backgrounds to work together to campaign for change in services that impact their lives.

By creating clear channels for action young people are equipped to influence the culture of local governments and organisations and the direction of policy. 

Warwickshire's Youth Participation Strategy has been running since 2004 and has engaged a vast range of different young people from diverse backgrounds.  Programmes are developed by the Warwickshire Youth Participation team that support young people to develop the confidence and the skills to lead and affect change. Many young people have moved on to changing their whole course of study, having their lives impacted.

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