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Robert Harling
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Hi, just some quick notes and what was discussed and decided at the April Vox meeting. 


• 2 angles should be used in the campaign, one to create a toolkit/leaflet to give out as well as trying to institute compulsory education about bereavement in schools.

• Agreed that there is not enough education about bereavement in schools.

• Agreed that there are also very few services in Warwickshire which young people know about and feel confident to contact.

• Agreed that counselling services aren’t always helpful.

• Agreed that young people are often hit the hardest and expected to cope, often because adults and teachers may not know what to do.


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Having spoken to the pastoral team at my school, I have found a lot out about the process of dealing with a bereaved young person. This is, obviously, only applicable to my school but this is what I found out.

  • Our pastoral head is a volunteer for Guy's Gift, a young person's bereavement service based in South Warwickshire and hence she is trained in that respect.
  • When a young person becomes bereaved, they are offered one-to-one counselling with a lady from Relate however she has a waiting list so the help would not be immediate
  • Often, the young person will have a particular teacher or form tutor who is nominated, for want of a better word, to become their person to turn to - how well this turns out, however, varies greatly from person to person
  • Staff are notified of the death during staff briefing
  • Recommended many different organisations such as Cruse, Acorn Trust, Winston's Wish and some others too
  • Although new teachers are not formally informed of the young person's circumstances, the whole word-of-mouth kinda thing spreads easily and staff are well informed this way (my school is relatively small compared to others which is probably which this method is effective enough)
  • She thought the toolkit idea was a good one and liked our whole campaign idea however highlighted some things that we would have to consider...
  • ...all bereavement is different (from expected, unexpected, sibiling, parent, friend) so we would possibly need to target each area individually to make it as effective as possible
  • ...in terms of education into bereavement, a single lesson slot is not always the best so should be spread over a few, if we were to consider producing a lesson plan or whatever
  • She also liked the idea of teaching young people about how to approach and support friends who have been bereaved
  • Its about creating an environment where a young person feels comfortable to go to and to talk in
  • She says there are procedures in place from Warwickshire County Council in case of an extreme accident (such as an accident involving a class of pupils where there are a high number of deaths) but there is little else from them
  • Raised concerns about a lack of understanding during difficult times in the year (such as death anniversaries) and she said that unless a member of staff has been strongly involved in the care of that bereaved young person and is aware of these dates, staff are often not informed and reminded

What struck me as good was that she was completely on top of all the issues that were going down in the school. She keeps an eye on the students throughout the years and, although she doesn't fuss over them every time something bad goes on regarding their grief, she is aware the situation and on hand if the student feels he wants to speak to her.


Yeah, so that's what my digging has revealed. Anna has also given me a copy of a grief guide pack which is basically used to plan sessions with young people teaching them about grief and bereavement and how to cope with it.

If anyone else has found anything out, it would great to see it posted up here :)

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anna a
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Hi All

Bex and i had a fantastic day in London yesterday where Bex met the minister for Children and the Transport Minister to discuss school transport issues and transport issues facing young people in general, it was a great opportunity and a new experiene for her just to be in Londion and experience the underground and madness of rush hour We also got caught up in the protest marches as the police march was passing the department for education so lots of opportunities to see how people express their concerns to the people in power!!

Well Done Bex look forward to many more opportunities in the future to meet the powers in Westminster! Photo coming soon !

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