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I have made some more progress tonight and have emailed a load of different bereavement services. Some of these are local and some are national. So far, I've gotten in touch with...

  • Cruse Bereavement Care
  • Winston's Wish
  • Guy's Gift
  • The Child Bereavement Charity
  • Rugby Relate

Just need to wait for them to respond, which, fingers crossed, will be in the next couple of days.

All I really did was explain to them who we as VOX are, the fact we're doing this campaign and our toolkit idea. I also asked them about specific services they provide in Warwickshire/nationwide, and asked them if they had any ideas in general and any suggestions for this toolkit. Finally, I said that they were more than welcome to come along to one of our meetings if they so wished so hopefully, we may have some visitors in the near future - you never know! :D

Anyhows, I will let you guys know what they say when they reply, which will hopefully be soon but we'll have to wait and see!

Also, well done to Robert who, from the sounds of it, did a fantastic job yesterday at the Children's Trust meeting - thank you! The councillors who visited today also seemed to really like the campaign, particularly June, who described it as an extremely valid campaign, something like that - so it looks like we've got support out their for it!

Also (I know, I keep adding extra bits on!), I think Anna said something about somebody at the meeting yesterday who had some information &/or wanted to help out or something - anyway, would be great to hear about that :)

Any other information and updates that have been found - don't forget to post them on here! We can really make this campaign successful if we put 110% in, which I'm sure we can :)

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