Warwickshire Youth Parliament

Making The Voice of Warwickshire's Young People Heard

How do elections work?

Elections take place annually and any
young person aged 11-18 can stand or
vote in these. Once elected, MYPs have a
responsibility to seek out the views of their
constituents, make informed choices and
decisions, identify how to make a change
at a local level, liaise with locally established
groups, such as youth and school councils
and voluntary organisations, support
agreed UK-wide campaigns and actively
participate with the agreed regional
Each region has its own campaigns and
as part of the West Midlands region, the
Warwickshire MYPs will this year focus on
trying to get free or cheaper transport for
young people across the region. Other
key issues for young people that our MYPs
will be trying to influence decision makers
on include concerns about violence
against young people, university fees,
environmental issues such as recycling and
campaigns for more leisure services.
To find out more about the Youth Parliament
in Warwickshire or the Warwickshire
Youth Council, contact Shinderpaul
Bhangal on 01926 742 498 or email

The election process begins in October 2015 at the start of the new school term. The youth participation team will be recruiting nominations for places on the youth parliament forum and the VOX youth council panel.

In November Youth Participation workers will be attending schools, giving presentations, handing out fliers and delivering information evenings.


Below is the process leading up to the voting and election of the nominees.

If you would like to be nominated as a candidate for Youth Parliament or VOX then click here.




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