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Councillor Question Time – Local Democracy Week

October 23, 2012 by Martyn Harris Leave a comment


 Read about our MYP's and VOX posing questions to local councillors. read full .


Youth Parliament updates

Recently, Youth Parliament have been running the ‘Make Your Mark’ campaign. This involves giving ballots out to 11-18 year olds across the country to let them have their say in issues that affect them the most (from a list).

Personally I visited Rugby High School (my own), Harris School and Bilton School in Rugby and collected my votes. I did assemblies at my school and made a stall with a ballot box at the other two. This was quite successful and overall I gained 1009 ballot papers for the campaign. It was great to know that at least 1009 people (not including the online votes I gained using social media) had made their mark in the county.

MYPs from across Warwickshire and around the East & West Midlands attended BYC Convention 2 i Birmingham on the 13th October 2012. Events involved PG and Debate Lead elections, workshops, a mock debate and the final count. I stood for Debate Lead and even though I didn’t get the role, an amazing candidate did who I am sure will do an amazing job.




Here are the results across the UK for the ballots for 2013:

West Midlands: 45,483 (8.37%)
South West: 40,280 (8.00%)
Yorkshire and Humber: 35,980 (7.07%)
Northern Ireland: 12,242 (6.22%)
North East: 14,481 (5.89%)
East Midlands: 20,574 (4.76%)
London: 27,277 (4.15%)
East of England: 18,485 (3.28%)
North West: 14,752 (2.43%)
South East: 18,608 (2.21%)
Wales: 1,601 (0.54%)
Scotland: 1,704 (0.35%)
Army Welfare Service: 698 
Online/Unknown: 1,472 

Total: 253,63

 As you can see, the West Midlands got the most ballots in the UK! Also, I got a medal for gaining over 1000 ballot papers: 

However, such a successful day like this couldn’t come without its’ downsides. Anna, Qasim and I caught 1 train to Birmingham New Stree from Rugby. We then found out half way on our journey that our train was terminating two stops before at Birmingham International. We were directed to a train that would take us to Birmingham New Street from this station, soon to find out that this one was going to avoid New Street and that we would need to stop in Sandwell & Dudley to get to our destination. Two hours later we finally arrived where we needed to be. Other MYPs in Warwickshire and across the regions had similar problems. What a day!


Rugby Youth Council has visitors!

Rugby Youth Council have been getting up to a lot in the past month! 


 On the 1st of October, we were visited by James Plaskitt, a candidate for Warwickshire Police Commissioner. Many issues were raised in the meeting which included PCSO visits to schools, strengthening the policing system and combating anti-social behaviour. He was interested to hear what we had to say on a range of issues such as under-age drinking and smoking, and drug use. There was also plenty of support in the room for a ‘Youth Commissioner’ that worked towards targets that young people wanted to see happen.

The following week (the 8th of October) saw Steve Burd visit us, who is the Managing Director of Stagecoach Midlands. He was invited to a meeting after myself, Chloe Nichols, Kira Mushing and Anna Andrews had attended a community forum meeting a month before. We all had a lot of points to make about Stagecoach buses in the local area. Issues raised included: bus fares, the timing/consistency of the bus services, school buses, accessibility to rural areas and other things that can only be seen at times from a customer level.

Josh Newman, a VOX member and member of Rugby Youth Council said: “It is so great to have so many visitors to the youth council. It shows that we are really beginning to make progress in impacting on our local community, and our voices are being starting to be listened to.”

If you want to find out what else we're getting up to at the moment, visit our facebook page here.

Written by Rebecca Urosevic, MYP


Latest on UKYP in the West Midlands! 

UKYP have been hard at work in the past few weeks!

The official Facebook page has now been launched for UKYPWM! You can check the page on a regular basis to see what is going on all across the region. Visit the pageand like it below.

Additionally, the first UKYPWM newsletter has just been released! I was the editor for this edition, and it was so much fun to create. Please take the time to read it because Nadi (the region PG) and the whole of the newsletter team worked so hard, and there is a lot of interesting content in there! You can find the newsletter here.

Written by Rebecca Urosevic, MYP






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