Warwickshire Youth Parliament

Making The Voice of Warwickshire's Young People Heard

Pupil Participation

  • Expressing views 
  • Representing others 
  • Being Heard
  • Taking action
  • Trying new things


How does it work?
• Pupils and adults listen and talk to each other
• Pupils set the agenda for pupil councils and pupil forums
• Community projects
• School websites and newsletters
• Peer support and education
• Pupils are asked what support they need
• Mediation and conflict resolution
• Local, national and international citizenship programmes
• Pupils take part in school working groups and committees

What's in it for me?
• Skills and confidence 
• Being valued
• Being supported to express views and ideas
• Sharing experiences and learning from each other
• Being part of positive change in school
• A positive school experience

What's in it for my school? 
• School is a happier, safer place to be
• Better pupil – staff communication
• Better understanding of what affects the well-being of children and young people
• Better school planning 
• New ways or working 
• New projects and developments

To find out more
e-mail: shinderpaulbhangal@warwickshire.gov.uk


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